About Us

Closs Global Solutions is a woman-owned, veteran-owned, strategy-driven communications and consulting company. We specialize in equipping visionary leaders and their organizations with essential tools and concepts to achieve their most critical goals. Our expertise enables us to perform in-depth research and analysis that creates successful outcomes.

Relationships with key audiences and stakeholders at the national level are important to fulfill our clients’ most pressing needs. Our staff brings more than 30 years of experience—at the strategic level. This enables us to plan, design, and activate solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our seasoned professionals have sustained an array of relationships that span the U.S. Government at the Departments of Defense, State, The White House and Congress. Our experience includes the areas of National Defense, Cyber Security, Gender Equality, Race Relations in the 21st Century, Workforce Training and Education, Information Technology.

Our Leadership Team

Carolyn Rose Closs

Sal Ivone

Donald M. Temple

Bert L. Belasco, Jr.

Lee J. Bennett, Jr.

David R. Skinner